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a soul
a human
and all

"Being a flow traveller is the challenge for every human being on Earth"

"Creativity through Love and Wisdom awakens our soul towards Truth.

Shine Bright"

- Sotiris Zafeiris

I am a New Earth mentor specializing in guiding visionaries, creators, and healers on a transformative journey. With a background steeped in awakening experiences and the wisdom of mystics and spiritual teachers, I offer courses, workshops, and personalized mentoring. My mission is to help people tap into their inner power, unravel the mysteries of their mind, and decode their beliefs and subconscious patterns. By delving into their fears and strengths, I empower them to align with natural laws and energy principles, facilitating a powerful mindshift. Together, we pave the path to happiness and prosperity, translating dreams into reality.


Sotiris Zafeiris was born in Athens, Greece. He earned two undergraduate degrees from the University of Athens, one in Photography and one in Graphic arts. He went on to Middlesex University in London to receive his Masters Degree in Interactive media. He opened a highly successful photography business in London and earned multiple international awards for his work. He also opened a series of businesses that brought spirit, yoga, and ancient culture to the masses and won multiple international awards as well. But while all this was going on, something else happenned, something that changed his life forever - Sotiris had his first awakening experince, which lifted the veil on the "matrix" that we occupy. In a state of bliss and unconditional love, he was shown our role as souls, our purpose here and our place in the cosmos. In 1995 he had his second awakening experince which put him on the precipice between life and death. These incredible events also left Sotiri with many gifts, giving him insights, access to sacred information, greater presence and a hightened knowing. Sotiri went on to study with holy men and women: mystics, philosophers and shamen, learning the wisdom of the ages and sacred teachings. Sotiri continues to receive mystical downloads and even Ancient Minoan rites and ceremonies. Sotiri now lives in the mountains of Crete, where students come from all over the world to meet with him. He hosts sacred retreats and also offers his international community of students weekly teachings on zoom and tailor made mentoring on expanding conscious awareness..



photo Martina Draper

"Here and Now is the door exit out of the Labyrinth of humanity.

Be still and trust"

- Sotiris Zafeiris

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