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Remembrance series is a video production of awakening videos based on Greek mythology and philosophy. Short videos that use text, graphics and music to transmit us the universal true of our existence through the ageless Ancient Greek wisdom. Videos with similar content and philosophy can be commisioned on donation base.

Hesiod in his book "Theogonia" (Θεογονία) He describes in the myth of Pandora, the first woman on the planet how she was married to Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus and she was given a jar (box) from Zeus with the promise of not to open it. As she was curious she opened it and all the gifts but one who were in the jar as gifts from the 12 Gods of Olympus where scattered on Earth. The gifts were joys and sufferings. the elements of duality that we have to conquer in our life so we evolve. The gift that remained in the jar was Hope, and this connects us with Unified field, as hope exists in the quantum level and we can guide the result. Prometheus is the one who thinks before acting and gave to humanity the mind (fire) so they survive on this planet after his brother's mistake (Epimetheus = the reactive person). Pandora's name has a mean of all the gifts.

Hippocrates in his book "About Diet" (Περί Διαίτης) He describes the mechanism of the soul within the body but also during sleep. Soul is distracted by bodily functions and cannot focus. When in sleep it moves to another level, an invisible world where it can still see, hear, touch, walk, meet other souls. This world is still a kind of material world. Soul through this experience has a broader perspective of things and the one who connects with this information connects more with universal wisdom. Soul continues after death with similar way as while sleeping, its life is eternal even when the body dies. In Ancient Greek mythology there no coincidence that Death, Sleep and Dream where brothers. This video was inspired by the interpetation of Hippocrates' s book: About Diet

Plutarch in his book "About the appealing face of the Moon" (Περί του εμφαινομένου προσώπου της Σελήνης) speaks about the origins of our souls and their birthplace. The souls are born in the Sun where the conditions are the same for all, there is no time or space, no day or night, no good or bad, therefore there is no evolution. So the souls are being transfered through solar rays to the back side of the Moon, the Dark side which has a different consistency from the Near side. It is of Aetheric nature. Souls then are being transformed to the front side of the Moon which is visible from Earth and enter into the duality concept. They incarnate on Earth many times entering from the intangible world to the material world where they experience duality and polarity and they are given the chance to be evolved. A fascinating journey of an ETERNAL LIFE which experience the no Existence and the duality of LIFE and DEATH. The Moon is the place where the souls are being judged after death so they can return to Earth once more or to continue their journey towards "Theosis". The transfer of the souls from the Moon to Earth and from Earth to Moon or from the Moon back to the Sun are happening during the solar and lunar eclipses. A fascinating book dated back in the first century A.D. based on a scientific congress in Delphi for the Moon. Plutarch was a high priest in Apollo Temple - Delphi for 29 years. This video was inspired by the interpetation of Plutarch's book: About the appealing face of the Moon

Aristotle in his book "Memory & Remembrance" (Μνήμη και Ανάμνηση) speaks about the 2 memories that a human being is born. The memory that is connected with our mind and our current life time which he names it MEMORY and the soul memory that is "forgotten" which is a collective memory that we carry through all our soul's incarnations which he names as REMEMBRANCΕ. MEMORY is slow and REMEMBRANCE is fast which means that REMEMBRANCE connects us fast with our True Self and meaning of life. That is why the PURPOSE of every human being according to Aristotle and the two memories is to activate the Remembrance which can be done by initiation and meditation (the Greek meditation) and by managing both memories in this life to connect with the Universal Truth of his soul existence and purpose, thus to Know Yourself, a message that was written on Apollo's temple in Delphi.

In the remarkable allegory of the Chariot Plato explains to us how we were born and lived a life that is controlled by our emotions and our desires. Our life is driven by fate and we think we have a free will but actually we rare use our logic to balance the two horses as he describes, the black and the white horse. The black horse is unruly and represents our desires and goes down, but the white one is not moving and stays still, it is our emotion. How many times aren't we stuck by our emotions? We have a vehicle in this life that is control by these two non logic parts (Alogo - Άλογο in Greek is the horse but also means the A-logo, the non logic, the irrational). Free Will means to be able to tame these two horses and become the charioteer of our chariot so we change our own fate and to be able to guide the vechicle like the driver towards our evolution through life. We need to bring the driver to control and drive the car and this is done by logic, by ahyperconscious self. This is the real Free will in life and the real challenge as a purpose of life.

I AM video based on a sacred text of Orpheus. I AM the son of the Sky and Earth. You know who I am. Bring me the water of the spring of Mnemosene to drink.

«Γης παις ειμί και ουρανού αστερόεντος, αυτάρ εμοί γένος ουράνιον. τόδε δ’ ίστε και αυτοί. Διψίη δ’ ειμί αύη και απόλλυμαι. Αλλά δότ’ αίψα ψυχρόν ύδωρ προρρέον της Μνημοσύνης από λίμνης». (Της Γης παιδί είμαι και του έναστρου Ουρανού• το γένος μου είναι βεβαίως ουράνιο. Αυτό το γνωρίζετε και οι ίδιοι. Φλέγομαι από την δίψα μου και χάνομαι• δώστε μου γρήγορα κρύο νερό που αναβρύζει από της Μνημοσύνης την λίμνη). Ορφικός Στίχος Είσαι Αιώνια ψυχή, είσαι πνεύμα εκτός από σώμα και καθημερινότητα. Θυμίσου ποιος Είσαι. Η ψευδαίσθηση που ζει στον χρόνο, το παρελθόν και το μέλλον εγκλωβισμένο στον Φόβο πάντα έρχεται πιο κάτω από το Αιώνιο τώρα, αυτό που Είσαι. Το Εγώ Ειμί. Το Ένα. Η σύνδεση με την ψυχή σου και τον Δημιουργό από όπου προέρχεσαι. Θυμίσου Εγώ Ειμί. Ειμί Εμείς. Εμείς Είναι. ΕΝΑ

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